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A podcast of interest

If you have any interest in juvenile justice you might want to listen to episodes of “Caught” Here is what The New Yorker has to say about this amazing podcast

9. “Caught

“Caught: The Lives of Juvenile Justice,” from WNYC Studios and hosted by Kai Wright, introduces us to kids, both inside and outside the incarceration system, who are trying to find their way out of trouble. It’s impressively wide-ranging, giving context about neuroscience, sentencing, and progressive approaches to helping young people, and it’s impressively fine-grained, too, telling intimate, nuanced stories with empathy and honesty. “What happens once we decide a child is a criminal?” Wright asks. “What does society owe those children, beyond punishment?” What makes “Caught” truly stand out is the voices of its subjects: the kids sound like kids, which, considering their circumstances, is startling in itself. They are finding their way—discovering who they are, who to trust, how to act. “There’s some people that belong in jail and there’s some people that’s misguided and don’t know what to do,” one boy says. He says he’s a mix: “I want to be a good guy, but sometimes I’m a bad guy.” “Caught” makes us consider some of the most basic questions about growing up, being human, and being humane.

The robots are coming…..

true but not to worry, there is evidence that there will still be a need for people skills!  Are you working on improving your people skills ( interviewing, problem solving, explaining, listening) ?

No of course you aren’t….right now…. because you are preparing for exams!  But after exams let’s talk and see what we can do to improve your people skills and even your “beat the robot skills”.

More on the robot trend in this article from Forbes

and remember robots do not have what it takes to take a law school exam!

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving Dinner

Volunteers and donors from BLSA, CALS, J. Law and Education, PILS, Pro Bono Board and WIL cooked, donated and served a full Thanksgiving Dinner to the residents at the Family Shelter and St. Lawrence Place.

“Delicious, thank you, whipped cream!”  When we shared the tradition of the wishbone, one young boy won and whispered to me that his wish was ” I hope we are in our own home next year”  I whispered to him, ” that was my wish for you!”

Thanks to everyone who donated food, cooked and served!  A great team effort!

Enjoy these photos from the event


Protecting children

The best way to advocate for abused and neglected children is to become a volunteer guardian ad litem! Richland County CASA ( Court Appointed Special Advocates) is our local organization that manages all of the volunteer GAL’s in Richland County.

To become a GAL you must complete an application and other forms, attend a hearing and participate in a series of trainings.  The good news is that we have made the training easy for law students.  It is in our building! Room 395 on Jan. 22, 23, 24, 29, 30 and 31 from 6-8:30

Even easier the application packet is available online here!

This is one of best and most direct pro bono opportunities you can have while in Law School.  You will be appointed by a Family Court Judge to investigate, advocate and monitor a case. Family Court judges depend on the words and actions of the guardians. Often they are the only people following the law and visiting the child. For older children the GAL is often their voice.

Don’t hesitate to come by and talk about any issues or questions you may have.  If you miss this opportunity to volunteer it may not come around again until next Sept.