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Faculty With Heart!

Thanks to everyone who donated or provided any words of encouragement to our Law School community.  With our donation of 6,783 we will be providing 3 meals a day for 7.5 families of 4 an entire year.  Amazing.

A special thanks for Professors, Brown, Handel and Medlin for going the extra mile!  You are truly faculty with heart!


Pro Bono Award

Note: All fields required.

Nominator: Email:

Nominee: Email:

1.Does this nominee meet all of the criteria?

2. Has this person received a previous Pro Bono Award?

Reminder: if they received an Outstanding Service Award they cannot receive a second one, they would only be eligible for the Hugh Wilcox Volunteer of the Year.

3.Why do you believe this person deserves a Pro Bono Award?
What evidence do you have that leads you to believe they should be recognized?

4.What pro bono activities during law school have they participated in?

5. What other information do you think we should know about this person that would lead us to believe they are deserving of recognition above all other students

Pro Bono Board Member Nomination

Operation Bedroll is underway!

Operation Bedroll is a joint project of the USC School of Law Library and Pro Bono Program.  The goal is to re-purpose clean, used plastic bags into bedrolls for the local homeless population.

The motto is: Create—-Conserve——Care

Bring your plastic bag stash to one of the collection boxes located in the pantry across from the Pro Bono Office, the Reference Desk in the Law Library and near the microwave in the Commons.

The bags will be collected and repurposed into “plarn”  plastic yarn!  The plarn will be crocheted  into bedrolls!

Why are plastic bedrolls best for the homeless population?  The plastic web creates a barrier between the person, sleeping bag or blanket and the ground, resulting in less loss of body heat and a drier surface  There are a myriad of reasons why someone is sleeping outside, sometimes by choice and other times because they have fallen on hard times.  Homelessness is complicated but as human beings they deserve our kindness and care,  It can all start with a plastic bag!

STAR Volunteer- Walker Berry!

Why is Walker Berry a Star Volunteer?  It just might be because he did not let being a 3l stand in his way, he just completed the 30 hours of  Lexington County Juvenile Arbitration training.  He even volunteered during the training for the mock hearing!  Now he will be listening to parents, victims and young offenders as they each describe an event and decide what sanctions should be be levied against the youth.  It is all about getting a second chance to make a better decision!

Thanks Walker!