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Why Tuna, Peanut Butter, Rice, Canned Fruit?

These are all items in great need at Harvest Hope Food Bank!  Food Drives are the number 1 method for keeping the shelves full and allowing distribution to the most food insecure people in SC.  You can be part of the solution by donating these items and more during the Spring Best Class Food Drive!  Why ” Best Class”? Because each box will be weighed and allocated to the Class of 2018, 19 or 20! The class with the most pounds wins bragging rights and some righteous indignation when called slackers! The Best Class Food Drive is a friendly competition with wonderful results! Keep track of your progress on Facebook, this blog and just plain looking in the boxes in the Common. If they are empty you are not doing great!

The Roaring 20’s are Calling

Each year Harvest Hope Food Bank holds a HUGE fundraising Gala and Silent Auction.  This year the event is March 16th and the theme is “The Roaring 20’s”

Harvest Hope needs the help of 10-15 volunteers to assist with the auction.  You can dress up or just wear a cocktail dress or dark suit!  The tickets are usually $120 apiece but you get in free! Dinner, dancing and drinks for a few hours of your time!  Only a deal the Great Gatsby would make!


Can my boy/girl friend volunteer even if they are not a law student? YES                                                                                                                                               What time will I have to arrive? 5pm, in order to get trained on the electronic auction system   Will I have fun and help HHFB raise a ton of $$$$?  YES                                                                   How do I sign up? The first 15 people to contact the Pro Bono Program get to go to this event

Busy, busy, busy Spring!

Lots of activity in the Pro Bono world coming up!

Mark your calendar for the following events and check the links on the Events page for details

March 1st        Deadline to submit Konduros Public Interest Fellows Application

March 5th       Chili Cookoff For CASA- 12:30 Perrin Lobby              

April 2-6         Spring Food Drive!

10,000 pounds of food =PIZZA Party


You did it!  The goal of Harvest Hope-oween was to collect 10,000 pounds of food and money for Harvest Hope Food Bank.

Your reward as promised!  Dean Wilcox is springing for pizza for everyone who participated.

Join us in the courtyard on Tuesday, Oct. 31st. at 12:30!  See you there and don’t be afraid!