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Welcome back!

Glad to have you back at 1525 Senate Street and hoping that one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to build up your resume through pro bono engagement! It is the easiest way to talk about yourself in an interview, makes you feel good and let’s you gain experience and exercise your skills.

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December news or stuff to ponder for 2018!

As you relax over the Winter Break think about things you could do to add to your resume, make your feel better about your career choice, get a volunteer-high from helping others or a myriad of other reasons!  Here are few ideas but always check the full list at:


Home for Thanksgiving?

Between family visits, football and turkey why not take a few moments to tell someone about your first, middle or last semester in law school?  What were your favorite classes?  What advice would you give some thinking of going to law school? What do you want to accomplish before graduation?  Other lawyers in your family? Compare and contrast experiences!  And a myriad of other thoughts.

One way to record your story is with the StoryCorps app    StoryCorps app

It is easy and your story will be become part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen and if you agree it can become part of the Library of Congress Folklife Collection!

How cool is that? Story on !!!!