Faculty With Heart!

Thanks to everyone who donated or provided any words of encouragement to our Law School community.  With our donation of 6,783 we will be providing 3 meals a day for 7.5 families of 4 an entire year.  Amazing.

A special thanks for Professors, Brown, Handel and Medlin for going the extra mile!  You are truly faculty with heart!


Spring Best Class Food Drive is up and running!

Time to drag in those cans, bags and boxes of non-perishible food!  Boxes for each class are located in the Commons.  You can also use Venmo to donate money!  @USClawprobono Make sure your class gets credit but denoting it on your donation.

What else his happening this week?  Bake Sale, Peanut butter collection and a FOOD TRUCK! Latest details on the Pro Bono Facebook event page.

Why Tuna, Peanut Butter, Rice, Canned Fruit?

These are all items in great need at Harvest Hope Food Bank!  Food Drives are the number 1 method for keeping the shelves full and allowing distribution to the most food insecure people in SC.  You can be part of the solution by donating these items and more during the Spring Best Class Food Drive!  Why ” Best Class”? Because each box will be weighed and allocated to the Class of 2018, 19 or 20! The class with the most pounds wins bragging rights and some righteous indignation when called slackers! The Best Class Food Drive is a friendly competition with wonderful results! Keep track of your progress on Facebook, this blog and just plain looking in the boxes in the Common. If they are empty you are not doing great!

To text or not to text

You can’t help yourself, your fingers itch to send a text!  Might want to review some text etiquette from an expert. Check out this blog post: http://www.businesswritingblog.com

I am especially annoyed by the text telling me you have arrived at the restaurant and I am in my car on the way!  If I could safely respond it would be ” duh”  or ” I would hope so”

Think before you text and once you are a lawyer, think twice