Summer Friday Blitz

Yes, it is hot outside!  Come in and cool off on August 3rd (anytime from 1:30-5) at the SC Bar Building to help us respond to questions posted online by members of the public. The goal: get the backlog down to ZERO!

  1. I can assure you that you will learn something
  2. I promise a laugh or two
  3. I promise an extra special summer food treat
  4. Here is the link to sign up!

Help needed with the HELP Clinic and DATA

Twice a month the Richland County Bar Public Service Committee conducts the HELP Clinic to provide legal advice to the local homeless population. Law Students are encouraged to assist by conducting the intake interviews. The HELP Clinic is from 8:30-10 on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.
Contact the Pro Bono Program and we will send you the information and link for signing up.
As part of the HELP Clinic, the Intake Forms are sent to the Pro Bono Program for data compilation.  This is a place where two volunteers are needed.  The good news! This can be done anytime you want to come to the building.  We can make the files to be entered and the database available to you! evenings, Sunday afternoon, whatever works for you.  A simple matter of giving you access to the Pro Bono Program office if during non-regular work hours.
we have a bit of a backlog so help is needed ASAP. Once school starts we will only have 10-15 intake forms a month to enter.  Does not take long but I can’t say that it is exciting but definitely appreciated!
The data we compile helps the Public Service Committee plan for future efforts and to keep track of the issues clients are facing
Contact Pam Robinson today if you can help!

Big Crowd at the next Friday Blitz

We have an abundance of attorneys for our next Friday Blitz but a short supply of law students!  This is a great opportunity to help the public, learn a little law, work as a team, and get grounded!  The Friday Blitz is where we work as teams responding to questions posted online by the public.  Sometimes the question is serious, sometimes complicated and sometimes just plain hilarious! The Friday Blitz is never dull!  On June 15th we will meet at Bluestein Attorneys on Taylor Street from 2:30-5.  All information and sign up here:

Looking back; moving forward!

2018 was a busy year! The Pro Bono Program established itself as the anchor for the corner of the 3rd floor.  The office is bright and full of memories, ideas and plants!  But moving from the old law school was just the beginning!  A big step was the formation and implementation of our first Alumni Advisory Council. This core group of 10 dedicated former students met with our current board and have already started to add their voice and ideas to the pro bono mix.

Enjoy this infographic that highlights some of the actions taken by volunteer students in the past academic year, but know that it is the tip of the iceberg!  

Legal Skills- thoughts

When I first saw this I was not sure I wanted to post it. Did not want anyone to think that we were promoting a “love it or leave the profession” point of view but after more thought I realized that this list of skills could also serve as a reminder of what you need to highlight in your resume!!!  and maybe how your pro bono activities could help fill these gaps! So here goes..Legal Skills You Can Use in Any Job