Help Wanted: Students Demand Action from Apple

You may wonder ( and scratch your head) what a group of computer science students at Stanford demand of Apple!  They want the company to make it harder for people to get addicted to texting! Yup, you read that correctly. Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices (SSAAD) want Apple to prevent them from their behavior.  Who is next? Jack Daniel’s? The SC Lottery?  Maybe there is more to the title of their organization than they think? Sad! Don’t believe me, read more here J

The Roaring 20’s are Calling

Each year Harvest Hope Food Bank holds a HUGE fundraising Gala and Silent Auction.  This year the event is March 16th and the theme is “The Roaring 20’s”

Harvest Hope needs the help of 10-15 volunteers to assist with the auction.  You can dress up or just wear a cocktail dress or dark suit!  The tickets are usually $120 apiece but you get in free! Dinner, dancing and drinks for a few hours of your time!  Only a deal the Great Gatsby would make!


Can my boy/girl friend volunteer even if they are not a law student? YES                                                                                                                                               What time will I have to arrive? 5pm, in order to get trained on the electronic auction system   Will I have fun and help HHFB raise a ton of $$$$?  YES                                                                   How do I sign up? The first 15 people to contact the Pro Bono Program get to go to this event