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Cookies, Cakes and Goodies! Oh My!

Your chance to bake ( or eat) for a good cause is here! On Thursday, Feb 7th outside the Cafe, WIL, BLSA and the Pro Bono Program will be holding a BAKE SALE to raise funds for gift cards for those families displaced at Allen-Benedict Court. We have been doing a great job collecting personal care products but there are always some things people would like to buy themselves. We should do our part to help! Not only have these residents lost their homes but their sense of community has been dispersed. They are taking each day as it comes but they have many basic human needs and challenges to face each day.

Interested in baking? YEAH Here is a link to see what others are doing. Nothing wrong with lot of chocolate cookies but they say that variety is the spice of life!

Take Note: Last time, homemade dog treats were a great hit!!

Allendale-Benedict Housing Disaster

Many of you have heard about the displacement and deaths of Section 8 housing residents from nearby (Harden Street). BLSA, WIL and Pro Bono have teamed up to try to provide some relief and comfort to these people. Many of them are elderly and all are low income. For many this has been their home for many years and they are now living in a hotel with no idea whether they will return to not. Carbon monoxide is a killer! It has seriously upset this close knit community. You can step up and help with just small things. They next time you go to the store (or even better make a special trip) pick up a few of these items and drop them in the donation boxes in the Commons. Collection will be from Jan 28- Feb. 8th

Hurricane Florence- legal assistance update

Thanks to our amazing team of law students in just a few days we will have updated the 20 pages of resource links in the SC Bar Disaster Resource Manual. This will make it not only easier for lawyers to respond to questions from the victims but also to provide them with the latest and most effective assistance. Many times the calls to the Disaster Legal Assistance Hotline are not about a legal issue but about access to services.

This is what lawyers to best and as students you are part of this team!