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Summer Friday Blitz

Yes, it is blistering hot but that is no excuse!  You can still participate in the coolest project ever! A “Summer” Friday Blitz!  Just like our regular Blitz but in the summer!  Volunteer lawyers and law students will team up to respond to questions posted to the SC Bar online forum.  We hope to be using the new format!

August 4th 2:30-5! at the SC Bar Building

To sign up, contact Pam Robinson today! Room for at least 6 volunteer law students with laptops.


Beaufort Co. Blitz

On June 16th, Sarah Efird ( 3L) , Gabe Strenk ( 2L)  and Lashawnda Woods- Roberts ( 3L)  traveled to Bluffton, SC to join members of the Beaufort Co. Bar Association and Robin Wheeler, Director, SC Bar Pro Bono Program in a Friday Blitz!  Friday Blitz’s are team efforts to address the backlog of questions posted by the public to the SC Bar’s online Q & A site.  The team responded to over 150 questions, many of them in the family law area but also touching landlord-tenant, probate and school law issues.  Job well done team! Thanks to Molly Day for hosting us!