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Stress as your friend!

When this TED Talk popped up in my Inbox, I let it sit there for a few days. Definitely interesting but I was a suspicious but after watching the full talk I could see her point of view and realized that some stress could be a good thing.

As we all face this new normal and feel the stress building, take a moment and rethink things



Staying home and staying busy

This stay at home thing will end!  but while you are stuck on the couch consider checking out the Equal Justice Works  site. Considering a summer or post graduate fellowship? Check out their resources and applications for these amazing public interest jobs.

Debt load got you down!  Check out their resources on debt relief and loan forgiveness. This is a good time to get active! You can only binge watch Netflix so much!

Stay at home, boring, but…

keep on learning. Trying to keep a positive point of view these days can be challenging. Now is the time to embrace something new or revisit an idea you thought you would never have time for.  Such things as: watch a series of TED Talks, short presentations on a wide variety of topics.Here is one of my favorites!

All kinds of webinars are being offered and many of them are on timely subjects. Search for reputable organizations who have been on the forefront of an issue.  There will be a day when you interview for a job and the interviewer will ask ” what did you do during the COVID-19 pandemic”.  Do you really want to respond ” I lived in my pj’s and felt sorry for myself and ate chips and salsa?”  Instead you will impress with ” I attended a webinar from the National Consumer Law Center of the effects of the CARES Act on law firms “. Impressive!

Keep safe, stay at home, wash those hands and wear a mask- if not for yourself, for someone’s grandparents, parents, sister, brother, parent. child or fellow USC Law community member.