Power Lunch Hour

Every Thursday from 1-2 you can drop in and hear not only the latest from the Pro Bono Program but a short interview from an alumnae who is a leader in their field and how they incorporate pro bono service into their practice.  Plenty of time to exchange ideas and ask questions. And you can eat your lunch while catching up!

We will connect on Blackboard Collaborate! Here is the link:

Guests information located on the Event calendar

Want to help a teacher?

Please read this message from Brittany Roberts and her efforts to help SC teachers with their classroom supplies and more!  Everyone has a favorite teacher; show your love with support!

Here is more information about this amazing project

With the new school year quickly approaching, I feel that we as a community can give back in a big way. The Facebook group, entitled Richland County – Adopt A Teacher, seeks to provide support to local teachers and school staff through community involvement. The goal of the group is to provide a space for educators to share their needs, wishlists, and even prayer requests with their local community members. The other members, whether it be parents, fellow  staff members, or citizens just looking to help, would be able to fulfill these needs within their means. My hope is that Richland County can band together and support those teachers, whether it be joining them in prayer or sending them supplies from their wishlists. 

You can view and visit the Facebook Group with this link:



Watch this space for exciting new ways to connect (virtually) with the Pro Bono Program!  Members of the Pro Bono Board and the Alumni Advisory Council are making plans to get information to you in a simple, easy to reach method. Stay Tuned!

Tuesday Notable

Each Tuesday, we will highlight the volunteer work of one of our unsung heroes.

Today we put the spotlight on Randi Jones. Randi is a 2nd year student and spends one morning a week at Harvest Hope Food Bank and two mornings a week conducting intake for the Vitual VITA program at Cooperative Ministries. Randi sought out these opportunities to serve and gain experience when her summer clerkship cancelled.  We welcome Randi and thank her for stepping up and helping.

ACLU Legal Observer- volunteer opportunity

ACLU-SC Legal Observer

The ACLU has long had a history of trained volunteer serving as legal observers during elections, protests and demonstrations. The SC Chapter is organizing volunteers to serve in this role during the recent protests, If you are interested please contact me ASAP and I will send you the following items:

1—ACLU SC Legal Observer Training.  The primary material reviewed in today’s training.

2—A Quick history…

3—Training Observer Waiver

4—Name Tag

5—Incident Report

6—Legal Observer Checklist

7—Covid-19 Instructions

The training is a PowerPoint that takes about 30 minutes to read and understand. The training is practical advice which should equip you with the knowledge and awareness of your role and how to accomplish the task of documenting any incidents.  You will be required to read, understand and sign a waiver before you can officially attend a protest in the name of the ACLU.

There will be an area coordinator who will serve as your local contact,  This person will also have t-shirts available to help identify you as an ACLU Legal Observer.

As a Legal Observer you are serving in a non-partisan role.  If you believe that you must use your voice to protest in a specific way, please do so and know that ACLU Legal Observers are present and can be an independent and trained  documenter of any incidents, Watch for them

If you are interested please contact me so I can send you the files to review,  Just expressing an interest does not commit you to serving,

Pamela Robinson