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Celebrate March 18th UPDATE

With the cancellation of classes and events next week we will have to celebrate Pro Bono Program Day virtually. As soon as possible we will try to set a date for cake and ice cream

Watch this space

with cake and ice cream  March 18th is being proclaimed Pro Bono Program Day by Mayor Steve Benjamin and members of the City of Columbia City Council.

Join us for cake and ice cream as we celebrate 30 years of pro bono at USC Law.

Join us even if you have not gotten around to actually doing any pro bono work; we can talk about options.

March 18.       12-1:30   1st floor hallway.


 The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono has declared Oct. 21-27 Celebrate Pro Bono Week!  It is a time that across the nation, Bar Associations, law firms and law schools will be focussing on what we do best- pro bono work!

What are we doing that is special at USC Law?  A  BAKE SALE and conversation! join us for the Meet n’ Sweet!

Celebrate Pro Bono !!

THE ABA has designated Oct 22-28 as Celebrate Pro Bono Week. It is a time to highlight the amazing efforts to help those in need with legal assistance.  As much as we celebrate the ongoing efforts this week it is important to be engaged with pro bono activities all year long!  Like Law School!

Use this week to take a few moments to peruse the myriad of opportunities listed on the website and decide what works for you. How do you want to make a difference?  It is never too early to start rounding out that application. Prove to potential employers that you are more than a brain but that you have heart!

The ethic of pro bono services is fostered in law school and can shape a successful career!