How do you answer ‘The Tell Me About Yourself” Question…

As interview season starts to kick in to high gear. Here are some reminders and success tips.

“Tell me about yourself” may seem like an easy job interview question that your whole life has prepared you to answer, but the open-ended nature of this question leaves job seekers stumped on where to start. Does an interviewer actually want to know about your entire employment history and personal life?

This common question is actually a critical test of a job candidate’s communication skills, so you don’t want to wing it or screw it up. The good news is that if you can pitch the story of your career, it can help prepare you for any question that follows. “It’s at the heart of the entire interview,” said Judith Humphrey, founder of the Canadian communications firm The Humphrey Group. “What you’re really doing is you’re pitching yourself as an ideal candidate for that position.” Read more:Tell me about yourself


Best Class Fall Food Drive FINAL TALLY

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 who came together to donate 9,693 lbs and $ to Harvest Hope. They just beat out the Class of 2022 who collected a very respectable 7,209.25!  The Class of 2020 pull up the rear with just 897, giving the Law School a total of 17, 799.25.  Many families will have an abundant table this Thanksgiving because of your generosity. Thanks all.

And a special shout out to the small but very strong team who loaded the truck!

Carolina Survivor Clinic VOLUNTEER Opportunity

We are pleased to announce that we will support volunteer law students working with clients of the Carolina Survivor Clinic in their preparation for the Citizenship Exam.  The time commitment would be at most 1 hour a week but could be more sporadic, depending on the needs of the patient.  For more information about the Carolina Survivor Clinic check out:

How you get started?  Here are the instructions: Carolina Survivor Clinic Resources Sign up