Death and taxes!

Both are inevitable. We can work on avoiding death and staying well but taxes….  The first step is to better understand the tax system!  and the best way to understand the system is to help others navigate the process.

1.And you know you want to do pro bono work!

2.You also want to hone your interviewing skills. The solution to address 1. &2. is VITA

Yes, being a part of the VITA team could mean that you never deal with a tax return but you are a vital link to gathering the information and explaining things to clients.

Learn more about the many levels for volunteers with VITA by joining us on Nov. 16th

Soup Update

The aroma therapy from 16 different soups was enticing on Nov. 3rd. And many of you were enticed and donated over $850 to Harvest Hope Food Bank.

We are still accepting donations! Drop by cash or checks ( made out to Harvest Hope Food Bank)

Trophies awarded                                                                                                                              Children’s Choice– Kid tested and parent approved-Haley Kiser, Cheeseburger Soup                Dare to Be Different- Novel use of ingredient- Prof. Dan Brachmann- Creamy Watercress Soup                                                                                                                                                                                              Dec. 10th-Greatest potential to bring comfort- Professor Jaclyn Cherry- Blackbean- potato

People’s Choice– The soup most loved across all categories- Riley Lerner, for her Farmer’s Soup

Enjoy the photos.

Information session with Richland County CASA

Come by and listen to what it takes to be an advocate for the best interest of a child.

Staff from the Richland County CASA program will be here to talk about the application and training requirements as well as the responsibilities involved in serving as a volunteer guardian ad litem. This session is co-sponsored by BLSA, CALS, CEA, LATINX, PILS, WIL and the Pro Bono Program.

Fat Bears and Brackets

Nothing to do with the law but…  did you know that annually the Katami National Park in Alaska has a contest to find the fattest bear? Yes, it is a real thing and you can join by voting for your favorite fat bear. There is even a Fat Bear Hall of Fame! For more and to vote ( why not) check out this link:

Walker has put on the pounds and is a favorite to win!  We  applaud  your  efforts  Walker!