New Probate Ct. Guardians ad Litem

A new team of law student volunteers have been trained and soon will be joining an already active team serving as guardians ad litem in Richland County Probate Court guardianship and conservatorship cases.  They will investigate, interview, advocate and recommend rights to be retained for alleged incapacitated persons.  The old program, Probate Ct. Special Visitors was replaced by the Probate Court GAL Project when the law changed on Jan. 1, 2019

Congratulations to: Will Anderson, Thomas Brown, Clare Kelly, Emily Lary, Johnna Menke, Zach Ohanesian, Konnor Owen,Christina Perry, Melanie Rice, Renique Robinson, Carlee Taber, and Mackenzie Thomas

Seeking Pro Bono Board members for 2019-20

The success of the Pro Bono Program depends on the involvement and dedication of its student board members.  They are the real connection to students.  March 18th is the deadline to apply or nominate someone.

Application and criteria located at:

Board members are only added in the Spring and serve as long as they are enrolled and in good academic standing.

$440 worth of thanks!

In just an hour and with many great chefs cooking and serving awesome chili, we were able to provide the Richland County CASA program with $440 of unrestricted funds.  They can use this to provide special services to the most vulnerable children in our neighborhood, Thanks to everyone who cooked and ate! Enjoy these photos and applause to our winners:

Chandler Soapes, Famously Hot Chili. “Netflix and Chili”                                                                                  Susan Palmer, Best Overall Chili ” Bullwinkle’s Best Maine Moose Chili”.                                        Eve Ross, Most Innovative Chili ” Who Can Im PEACH Chili”