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Wellness Week- Thought

This past week we have focused on wellness, physical and emotional wellness.  During  this week you have heard about tools to help you personally and professionally but wellness is not a one a day pill!  It is a constant monitoring and continuous effort. It is also about reaching out to others.

Thought you might be inspired by this interesting TED TALK on emotional courage.


The BIG 30

You may have seen someone carrying around our big 30 and wondered what’s up!

This is the 30th Anniversary of the USC School of Law Pro Bono Program!  We are very proud of being 30 and want to share the news with everyone.  The big, red 30 even goes on the road!  Here was an amazing group at Harvest Hope Food Bank

Make sure to follow @USCLawProBono on Twitter. October is the month when law firms, association and schools celebrate pro bono and volunteers.  Each day during Oct. we are tweeting one of our student volunteers… with the big, red 30!

Volunteer to help keep the vulnerable safe

Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities ( P & A) is seeking volunteers for their Team Advocacy project. This is a great project for law students as the training is not long and the actual volunteer time is limited.

As a trained Team Advocacy volunteer you will be matched with a P & A staff member. At a convenient time the Team will conduct an inspection of a community care facility. The Team will then complete a form basing the responses on their interviews of clients and observation of the staff. These reports are an important part of the system to protect those living in group homes and facilities from harm. The residents often have mental or physical limitations.

For more information:

If interested, contact the Pro Bono Program. They will put you in touch with the correct P & A staff member