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Soup Update

The aroma therapy from 16 different soups was enticing on Nov. 3rd. And many of you were enticed and donated over $850 to Harvest Hope Food Bank.

We are still accepting donations! Drop by cash or checks ( made out to Harvest Hope Food Bank)

Trophies awarded                                                                                                                              Children’s Choice– Kid tested and parent approved-Haley Kiser, Cheeseburger Soup                Dare to Be Different- Novel use of ingredient- Prof. Dan Brachmann- Creamy Watercress Soup                                                                                                                                                                                              Dec. 10th-Greatest potential to bring comfort- Professor Jaclyn Cherry- Blackbean- potato

People’s Choice– The soup most loved across all categories- Riley Lerner, for her Farmer’s Soup

Enjoy the photos.