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thought-cloudWe want to hear from you! I also know that many lawyers do not take on pro bono work or engage in public service for the glory or the accolades. In fact it is often difficult to even find out what good work they do but just this one time I ask that you tell me your story! Why do you do pro bono work? What does it do for you as a lawyer? For your profession? What is the source of that ethos for service? It is important that your stories are preserved for it is said “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Please take a few minutes and send a message to me at: Robinspd@law.sc.edu or call me at 803-777-3405

And thank you in advance for sharing your story.

Andrew Chandler

Andrews Chandler Matilda ChandlerClass of 2001

Attorney, Evans, Carter, Kunes & Bennett, P.A.

“If I had never done the Peace Corps, I probably would have never had any interest whatsoever in the Pro Bono Program at USC Law,” says Andrew Chandler. “But I was drawn to it when I first walked through the doors.”

“I’m very happy that I found the Pro Bono Program or, rather, that it found me.”

 While Chandler was growing up in Savannah, Ga., his parents stressed to him and his four siblings the importance of helping others. His father and brother were Marines and his mother was a nurse, but Chandler saw a different way to answer the call to serve. After majoring in public administration and political science at Winthrop, he enlisted in the Peace Corps. A two-and-a-half-year stint working in the Dominican Republic teaching soil conservation and agriculture changed Chandler ‘s life. “I know that it seems like it has nothing to do with pro bono, but in a way, it has everything to do with it,” he says. Continue reading

Helen Roper Dovell

DSC_0607Class of 2004

Beaufort County Public Defender’s Office

As an assistant public defender, Helen Roper Dovell is responsible for helping represent the bulk of criminal defendants in Beaufort County, South Carolina.  Dovell channels her passions for helping others and making sure justice is administered into every aspect of her work.

“Public defenders are definitely the heart of public interest work,” says Dovell, a 2004 alumna who has been an assistant public defender in Beaufort, South Carolina since 2008. In her position, she strives to make sure that the law is applied fairly in every case.

“People need to be treated as people, and if you don’t have someone advocating for you, it’s easy for you to become just a number,” says Dovell. “It makes me happy to know that I can help prevent that from happening.”

Continue reading

Ruth Hindman

??????????????????????????????? Class of 2011

Attorney, Ruth Law Firm, L.L.C.

Ruth Hindman didn’t plan on practicing family law; but thanks to Pam Robinson and the Pro Bono Program at the USC School of Law, she says, family law found her. “Through the Pro Bono Program, I saw how a group of people can affect a community when they work together,” she says. “It made me realize that law isn’t just about the bottom line ­– it’s about the people you get to help.” Continue reading