CASA Training Starts in 2 weeks!

The news is filled with stories about children being abused and neglected! This is not a big city issue but a national one and hits SC daily.  There is no way to prevent every incident but it is a proven fact ( not fake news!) that having an engaged, well-trained and caring guardian ad litem can make a huge difference once a child enters the child welfare system.  The GAL or CASA ( Ct. Appointed Special Assistant) in SC is a VOLUNTEER!  That means you and me.

The first step is to attend training!  Richland County CASA has made it very easy for you to attend training.  They are conducting it in Room 389 over a series of 6 evenings from 5:30-8:30 starting on Jan. 23rd.

Have class until 6ish? Not a problem, we have scheduled the training to be recorded by Panopto so you can catch up… but you do need to complete an application and other forms by the time training is over.

Interested in making a real difference in the lives of children? THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO MAKE EFFECTIVE CHANGE!

Applications in the Pro Bono Office, they must be completed by the end of training.  Contact Pam Robinson today,

Welcome back!

Glad to have you back at 1525 Senate Street and hoping that one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to build up your resume through pro bono engagement! It is the easiest way to talk about yourself in an interview, makes you feel good and let’s you gain experience and exercise your skills.

Check out our website  

Sign up for Twitter @USCLawProBono or come by Room 386 and chat!

December news or stuff to ponder for 2018!

As you relax over the Winter Break think about things you could do to add to your resume, make your feel better about your career choice, get a volunteer-high from helping others or a myriad of other reasons!  Here are few ideas but always check the full list at:


Turkey and pie leftovers!

On Nov. 20, 2017 over 25 law students came together to make the lives of homeless families a bit better- they prepared, bought, delivered and served Thanksgiving Dinner to the residents of the Family Shelter and St. Lawrence Place.  This has been a tradition led by the Pro Bono Program for over 15 years but could not happen without the support of student organizations.  BLSA, the Honor Council, the SBA and WIL were real troopers in this effort and judging from the smiles it was a total success.

enjoy these photos of the team in action!  Law student talents include making amazing mac and cheese ( thanks Buster) the pie team ( Maura and Patty), Grant and Sarah made sure things were hot, especially the gravy,  Dean Cherry, Ivey and Chelsea can portion out food with best and Brianna on bread was not to be messed with. Lauren made sure everyone got cranberry sauce ( even if they don’t like it) Simone documented the event in photos, Tony was on garbage duty! Chris and Joseph kept the cups of juice and tea flowing.  Lashawnda was a superb ringleader and the serving team ( too many to mention by name, I know I will forget someone) made our guests feel welcome and kept the plates moving and this was not easy in such a tight space! Clean up was a breeze and the leftovers will be a welcome reminder of this great event.  Thanks for the Thanksgiving!   Pam