New year, New Law for Guardianships In SC

January 1, 2019 brings us a new year and an extensive rewriting of Article 5 of the SC Probate Code.  This is the section relating to guardianships and conservators.  Two major take-aways from the new law- focus on the least restrictive environment for incapacitated persons and a major push toward standardized forms.

Want to learn more? How does this effect pro bono efforts?  It means that the former SC Probate Court Special Visitor Project will now become the SC Probate Court Guardian ad Litem Project!  Much of this volunteer effort is the same but with a new emphasis on advocacy.

How do you get involved? At this time you simply need to read the job description at: and submit a Volunteer Enrollment Form expressing your interest in this project.  We are seeking 10-12 volunteers and once we achieve that goal we will set up the training. The training will involve three-four 2 hour evening sessions of training, observation of a guardianship or conservatorship hearing and accompanying an experienced volunteer on a case.

This is an amazing hands-on experience that is time intensive but full of opportunities to make a real difference.  Contact the Pro Bono Program if you have any questions